Our INR and VAD services include remote patient monitoring for clinics, as well as equipment and supply management for patients.


Our platform transmits self-test data, physician alerts and messages, accesses patient resources and supplies, and supports greater operational efficiency.


Our digital solutions offer physicians the ability to monitor INR and VAD services from virtually anywhere and offer patients the convenience of self-testing wherever it’s best for them.

Widely prescribed. Meaningful outcomes.

Our remote monitoring programs have been prescribed to over
300,000 patients by over 80,000 physicians.1

A separate meta-analysis of INR patient self-testing found a
42% reduction in risk associated with Thromboembolic events.2

VAD patients experienced a statistically significant
52% risk reduction in LVAD-associated readmissions.3

The benefits of our integrated approach

Prescribed test devices, proprietary apps and an online portal enable regular self testing*, which can support better patient outcomes.

COAGCLINIC™ APP streamlines critical tasks for clinicians.

HEALTHCHECK APP reports patient test results and accesses helpful resources.

VADWATCH™ SERVICES support remote patient monitoring, external VAD equipment and supplies.

eRx DIGITAL PRESCRIPTIONS contribute to saving time and effort for clinicians.

PERSONAL PATIENT TRAINING help ensure self-testing proficiency.

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