The model of care for remote INR monitoring

“I feel like I have been untethered. It's such a freedom to not have to go in to get tested...I'm an Acelis fan!”

­~GINNY, ACH INR Patient

Patient satisfaction with Acelis Connected Health.

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Our onboarding process begins with simple enrollment steps guided by our customer service team, followed by one-on-one instruction from our qualified trainers.

We provide the INR meter, testing supplies and training

One of our qualified trainers will provide face-to-face training on how to obtain a blood sample with a simple fingerstick, use the INR meter and report results.

Our healthcheck application helps keep patients and physicians connected

In addition to relaying self-testing results and providing alerts if they’re out of range, it can help schedule office visits, send messages about missed reports, and more.

Four reporting options offer extra convenience

Results can easily be transmitted from a smartphone or tablet with our exclusive HealthCheck™ app, online via our HealthCheck™ portal, telephone agent or automated telephone voice system.

1: 2018 opinion survey conducted by Kalan & Associates of 307 active Acelis Connected Health customers

Is self-testing right for me?

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