Maximize the benefits of INR self-testing

ACH self-testing services exhibited higher TTR results when compared to lab and point of care1

Acelis connected health INR self-testing demonstrated:

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Have been associated
with patient self-testing.2

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Time in

Versus 63% with POC
and 55% with Lab.3

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With scores for “easy to use”
and “peace of mind.”4

A complete program that benefits patients and clinicians

Comprehensive coverage and support—including industry-leading 70% TTR vs. 66% PST industry averages5, plus the ability to service 70% of lives under managed care.

Connected RPM tools

When patients use our HealthCheck app, they have the ability to report results and order supplies. Our CoagClinic™ Remote Patient Monitoring platform enables clinicians to send test reminders, review patient results and track trends.

Convenient services and supplies

Including digital prescriptions that showed 25% less follow-up and 30% faster prescription processing,6 plus customer support, testing reminders and easy access to services and information.

* Over the course of an entire year; separate independent studies.
1: Acelis Connected Health internal data on file.
2: Bloomfield et al. Meta-analysis: Effect of patient self-testing and self-management of long-term anticoagulation on major clinical outcomes.
3: CHEST 2005; 127:1515–1522
4: Acelis Connected Health internal data on file.
5: Internal ACH data on file. The TTR results shown are the average of patient test results from 1-1-19 to 12-31-19. CHEST 2005;127:1515–152
6: Based on ACH eRx and paper prescriptions submitted from May 2020 to August 19, 2020.

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